About GBRG

Geographe Business Referral Group

A growing group of like minded southwest business owners & professionals meeting on a regular basis & referring business.

Our mission is to encourage entrepreneurial business people in our group to share qualified business referrals. We maintain a standard of high integrity, trust & professionalism whilst having a good time together.

Meeting Info

  • Meetings every Thursday at 7:00am
  • The Goose Beach Bar & Kitchen Busselton
  • Admin
  • 0426 888 101
  • Convener Iain Massey
  • 0419 901 013
  • Secretary Phil Snedden
  • 0429 928 096
  • Treasurer Suzie Davidson
  • 0415 353 493

Guest Speakers

Join us for breakfast and cofee and listen to guest speakers, a great way to start the day! A friendly productive networking meeting where you get to broadcast your business and connect for success.


Geographe Business Networking Group is a business referral group that meets each Thursday morning. Business people come together to aid each other as well as promoting their own business. Short, concise and to the point with referrals built on trust.

Good Sense

Have you got 20 plus business professionals marketing your goods & services? With one profession per membership the Geographe Business Referral Group makes good business sense!

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10 Great Powers

10 great powers by James E Rohn

Purpose - The more powerful the purpose is, the more powerful you are being pulled into a better future. Without a purpose, it is easy to be pulled by the bad day, month or year. So the clearer your purpose is, the more dynamic it is, you’ll have a better future.

Self Confidence - It comes from not neglecting the small daily disciplines. It comes from feeling good about yourself. Lack of self confidence comes from neglect. Self confidence effects your health, your future, your psyche. Self confidence is willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve. Ability to rise above your circumstances. Do whatever it takes. Keep on going.

Enthusiasm - Powerful enthusiasm comes the inside (90%) and from the outside (10%). It comes from purpose. It comes from the self confidence. It effects people, not from being loud, it is created by genuinely helping people. A lot of it is quiet. A lot of it is unheard.

Expertise - One thing to excel in is skill. Be the best in your field. Be the best that you possibly can be. Doing the best you possibly can. Excellence in skills.

Preparation - Prepare yourself for success. Ask yourself, “What can I do to make myself ready?” Life is not designed to give us what we want or need. Life is designed to give us what we deserve. Every value in life must be paid for and those who pay will receive. Great ideas come because you searched for it. Always prepare yourself. Be ready for challenges & opportunities.

Self Reliance - Look mostly to yourself. Primarily, rely on your self. Tell yourself, “I’m the person responsible. I will be the final one that people can rely on. So, if this is missed, I can catch up. I can fill the gap. I can do the job. Primarily learning to count on yourself. You can do this. Never complain and never explain.”

Image - The image that others see you as. It is very important how others see you. The way you dress, the way you talk, the way you think and your capacity for learning. Be the best you can. Look at yourself in the mirror and assess how others see you. How I appear to myself is the ultimate importance.

Character - Become a person of high value, principle, honesty, respect & integrity. Develop the integrity & character to do the right thing. Be honest, fair and willing to be helpful. Walk the centerline and don’t cut corners. We cannot do everything by ourselves. We must also count on other people. Build and develop your own character.

Self Discipline - It’s easy sometimes to let up and let it go. But we have to be disciplined. I will do the best I can. That kind of self discipline to do your part, do your job.

Extra Ordinary Performance - Demanding excellent results. If you choose to live extra ordinarily, you must do extra ordinary things. If you choose extra ordinary fortune, you must do what it demands. No one else demands it of you, you must demand it of yourself.

Thought for the Week
    "Keep your fears to yourself. but share your inspiration with others" Robert Louis Stevenson